Yarrow Tea for Fevers and Colds*

White Yarrow In FieldThe yarrow plant is a flowering weed that grows freely in the Northern Hemisphere, typically in grassy fields and along the sides of roads. This plant has most notably been used and considered to be a wound healing herb, though today, this plant has a variety of other uses as well. Generally, the aerial parts of the yarrow plant are used to brew a tea, which can then be ingested as desired. Drinking yarrow tea provides you with many helpful benefits, though it has also been noted that drinking this tea may offer particular benefits that may make it useful for helping fevers and colds specifically.*

Cold and Flu Seasons

The cold and flu season is an annually occurring incident where there are prevalent outbreaks of illness relating to the cold or flu. During these times many people will make an added effort to try and keep their health in top condition by doing certain things to help boost their immune system in order to prevent the onset of illness. Although there are essential steps that can be taken to help prevent the cold and flu such as eating healthy, drinking enough fluids, and maintaining good hygiene, there are also additional herbal teas that can help both before and during the set in of a cold or flu.

Using Yarrow Tea

It has been said that drinking yarrow tea can encourage your body to sweat which can help break a fever.* This helps the body to respond to sickness and infection naturally.* Generally, yarrow tea is combined with other helpful herbs such as peppermint, hyssop, and eucalyptus. Furthermore, since this tea may help you sweat, drinking a hot cup can help your body expel unnecessary toxins which may be useful for improving your overall well-being.* It is advised to avoid drinking yarrow tea if you are currently pregnant, nursing, or prescribed to any medications unless you have consulted with a physician prior.

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